Member Benefits

  • Ditch the job hunt, get found by the most innovative companies
  • Better rates for you which still cost the client less
  • Coaching and professional development
  • Getting to know and sharing ideas with our industry's best consultants
  • Information resources (such as how to establish your own company)
  • Non restrictive engagement
  • Save time with once off background checks
  • Benefits for referring in new clients & projects

How it works

Once you're registered as a consultant, it's quite simple.

  1. Get found: Employers browse our consultants' profiles looking for the skills they need. They can filter by rate, but not actually see your rate.
  2. Get contacted: If an employer likes what they see, they will contact you via email, phone or direct message. This is your chance to get a feel for the type of person they're looking for and a brief of the position. 
  3. Interview: Once you've reviewed the position brief, let the employer know that you're ready to proceed. We suggest an in-person interview to see if there is a good fit between both parties. Use this time to understand the desired contract length and ideal start date.
  4. Agree on a rate: Assuming the interview is successful, negotiate a mutually agreeable rate. This ensures that everything is transparent and efficient. No more "used car salesman" back and forth tactics. Rates do not include fees, payroll taxes, or GST. These are applied in addition to your daily rate.
  5. Sign the Contract: The employer will raise a request to hire you and we'll issue you with a standard contract outlining the engagement terms, contract length, rate and other relevant details.

No lock in

You are not locked in by Skillfire. We are all about empowering consultants and employers to build better relationships and achieve better outcomes.

  1. Non-exclusive: You can simultaneously market yourself via any other non-exclusive platform, group or agency.
  2. Contract renewals or shift to permanency: We ask that you honour any position found via Skillfire by engaging though us. Remember, after the first contract is completed – while we'd love you to renew via Skillfire – you are free to contract directly or go permanent if that better suits your needs.

Becoming a consultant

Delighting our clients is our number one priority. By ensuring that each individual who enters our community is an A player, we keep an excellent standard of service and a fantastic knowledge sharing community.

To maintain this standard of quality, we need to keep the community closed and only allow those to join who have proven themselves to one or more of our members. If you know a member, ask if they're prepared to vouch for you.

Once you've been referred in, we'll get to know you better a couple of interviews. If your interviews are successful, you can quickly setup a profile, set your availability & enjoy your new community and contract opportunities.

Information we collect during your registration

During the registration process, we collect the following information for your profile:

  • Personal details such as name, email, phone number and skills
  • Availability date & status
  • Minimum rate which employers cannot view directly, but can filter by via a 'Maximum rate' filter