Consultant FAQ

Here are some common questions our members ask. If you have a question which are not answered here, please contact us.


Culture & Community 

Can I get help with setting up my company and everything else I need for contracting?

Absolutely! Starting out as a contractor can be a little confusing with many company structures, PAYG considerations and administrative activities you'll need to consider.

I've got some work or career related questions I need help with. Can I call on someone from the community?

Sure! All of the members in our community are keen to answer any basic questions you have. If it's a little more tricky some of our members may offer their time free of charge, while others will offer their services for a simple hourly rate.

Contact us with your question/area of need and we'll put you in touch with someone who can help.


May I be called upon to support those in the community if  they're having a tough time?

As a community, it's very important that we make ourselves available to support each other by answering questions and providing advice. This doesn't need to be a regular occurrence and we understand if you're just too busy at a given time.

If a member has invited you into an organisation for support and the client has indicated they would like more of your time, we suggest engaging through an hourly charge agreement.


What are my obligations as a member?

We simply as that you:

  • Keep your availability up to date

  • Complete your time sheets accurately and promptly

  • Always consider our values and culture when representing our community


Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance when placed though Skillfire?

No. We provide all necessary insurances though our service fee.


Can I leave the community?

Of course! For whatever reason you want to leave, just contact us.

How does the engagement work?

Check out How it works

What are the risks of joining this community?

When joining, the only consideration you need to make is if you have an existing arrangement which restricts you from joining a community such as this. We have no such exclusive restrictions.


Can I become a permanent employee of this community?

Not at this time. At present our only employees are a small admin team.


How are clients on boarded? Can any employer sign up?

We either find innovative clients or they apply to join our community. In all cases, we do some checks to assess the culture of the hiring organisation for an appropriate fit and to gain an understanding of the company's viability.

Contract placements

Can I contract through a Pty Ltd or a PAYG structure?

Yes, both! Once you've joined we have information which can help you determine the model which is best for you. 


What restrictions apply to being a member or my engagement once I'm placed in a position?

Our core focus is benefiting our members: we don't want to do anything that restricts you. In fact, quite the opposite. If you want to launch a startup, become (or are) a permanent employee, work for another consulting form, get placed into a role by a recruiter; we want you to go for it!

Once you are found and/or placed in a position through our community, the only restriction we apply is that you must complete your initial contract though Skillfire. After that, you can go permanent, direct or whatever you like! We are flexible on this point, particularly for longer contracts, so when in doubt please contact us.


Who do I raise occupational health and safety (OH&S) issues and concerns with?

If you're consulting though our community and experiencing OH&S issues or concerns, please Contact us. We can discreetly help you with the issue and work to a resolution with the employer (assuming you want us to). The wellbeing of our members is paramount!


Can I consult through Skillfire for a client who is not part of our community?

You sure can! Further, if you have a positive experience with the client, we may invite them to join our community as an Employer.